To describe in words the sound of an instrument has often proved difficult. For example, what do the terms "mellow, brilliant, or lively" mean when applied to sound? Differences in hearing and taste also add to the confusion. The same sound might be termed "dark" by one, or "muffled" by another. The instrument must satisfy subjective criteria and individual playing style. As such, finding the fitting or ideal guitar can be a drawn-out, difficult process of trying-out and comparing. To this you are herewith cordially invited.

On this site you can listen to some sound examples of CD productions of the last years. However they can give only a first impression since modern recording technology may drastically change the original sound.

 Music samples

by reason of filesize and copyright partly only fragments, in alphabetical order:

Björn Mester, guitar
Massimo Serra, guitar

The guitar duo „Guisème“, sometimes enlarged by Helen Göttner (saxophone), was founded in 2000 at the Musikhochschule Karlsruhe, since then extensive careers as educators and performers.
CD previously unreleased

»   Il Pescatore
    (Massimo Serra) 
»   Moville
    (Björn Mester) 
»   The Touch of the Wind
    (Massimo Serra) 

Prof. Andreas Higi, guitar

In memory of Andreas Higi, Professor for classical guitar at the Musikhochschule Trossingen.
CD previously unreleased

»   Gnossienne No.1
    (Eric Satie) 
»   Torre Bermeja
    (Isaac Albeniz) 
»   La Ballena
    (Thomas Vogt) 

Espen Jensen, guitar

Lecturer at the Indiana University School of Music, extensive international career as a performer, educator, composer and scholar.
CDs: „Elogio de la Danza y la Cancion“
        „ Nocturnal Variations“

»   Capricho Árabe
     (Francisco Tarrega)
     audible at the start-page
»   Introd., Theme and Variations Op. 9
    (Fernando Sor)
»   Mallorca
    (Isaac Albeniz)
»   Asturias
    (Isaac Albeniz)

„La Cantarra“
Rosina Herrera, soprano
Hans-Jörg Langner, 8-string guitar

The „La Cantarra„ Duo was founded at the Musikhochschule Freiburg in 1990 and currently enjoy extensive international careers as educators and performers.
CD: "La Vida del Sur"

»   Confuso, Smarito 
    from Cavatine Op.39
    (Mauro Giuliani)
»   Anda Jaleo
    from Canciones Espanolas Antiguas
    (Federico Garcia Lorca)
»   La Tarara
    from Canciones Espanolas Antiguas
    (Federico Garcia Lorca)


"Musik is the universal language of mankind."
Sascha Nowak Gitarrenbau.
Cordial thanks to all who gave me the permission to add samples of their CDs. Further information about the musicians and their recordings you will find in Links.